Manage SCCM Software Center remotely

This week I decided to investigate the art of writing Powershell Modules.
After doing some research on the internet I decided to write me a Module for remote managing the SCCM Software Center.

We currently use Cireson Remote Manage App for this.
But the problem with that product is that it loads a lot of unneeded info when you connect to the client you want to manage.
Which obviously takes too much time!
So that’s how I got to the idea to write my own Powershell Module.

Manage SCCM Software Center Remotely

Available CommandLets

  • Get-SCClientApplication
  • Get-SCClientPendingUpdates
  • Get-SCClientUpdateScanHistory
  • Start-SCClientApplicationEval
  • Start-SCClientInstallApplication
  • Start-SCClientInstallUpdate
  • Start-SCClientMachinePolicyEval
  • Start-SCClientUpdateDeploymentEval
  • Start-SCClientUpdateScan

Download me here

Direct import into Powershell

Install-Module -Name SCClient

Note: Use at your own risk!

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